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How to get rid of the annoying ‘tongue’ of ‘tongs’

How to get rid of the annoying ‘tongue’ of ‘tongs’

A new app from The Office of Ellis Law, a UK law firm, is designed to eliminate the annoying “tongues” that can often get in the way of your communication.

The app allows you to add a custom-made word to your message and then send it to your loved ones.

In doing so, you’re also helping your loved one get a better idea of what’s going on with their conversation.

“Our clients are very concerned about the tone and tone of their interactions, and sometimes it’s just not possible to tell the difference,” Ellis Law lawyer Paul Cairns told CNN.

He also said it can be difficult to tell if your message is being heard by the person you’re talking to.

“People who have been with you for years will say things like, ‘He’s a lovely person,’ and you might think you’ve heard everything they’ve said.”

A few examples of phrases Ellis Law uses to help its clients understand each other include: “He loves me” and “She’s my wife.”

The app has already received more than 10,000 downloads, Cairnes told CNN, and he hopes to continue to grow the app into a bigger service in the future.

“It’s about building relationships and understanding one another and what we’re doing and what the world is like.

That’s what Ellis Law does.

That has been a long time coming,” he said.

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Should Ellis Law help to eliminate your tongue?

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