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When the law can’t help you, sue for mental illness

When the law can’t help you, sue for mental illness

VINCI LAW OFFICES, N.Y. — Lawyers have sued over their inability to see or talk to patients they are representing on the basis of mental illness.

Lawyers for the family of Eric Garner, the Staten Island man who died after a chokehold by New York City police officer Daniel Pantaleo, say the state of New York is trying to undermine their ability to help people with mental health issues.

Their lawyers say the lawsuit against Gov.

Andrew Cuomo and the Attorney General’s office is a direct attack on their ability for them to protect the mentally ill from the government.

A Cuomo spokesman says they are not aware of any legal action against the attorney general.

He also says the office does not have a role in helping people who are not legally eligible to receive assistance, such as Medicaid.

Cuomo spokesman Justin Finch said Cuomo does not comment on pending litigation.

The suit by attorney Michael Davenport, the widow of Michael Darnport, says he was denied the right to see Garner at his Staten Island law office because the office is under the jurisdiction of the Attorney’s Office, which handles criminal matters.

The attorney general’s office said it is a state agency.

Davennet’s lawyers say he has mental health problems and the office was required to approve his mental health case.

They say the attorney’s office was trying to make it harder for DavenPort to see patients.


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