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How to Get Your Child Arrested if They Are Being Arrested in the ‘Peterson Law Office’

How to Get Your Child Arrested if They Are Being Arrested in the ‘Peterson Law Office’

MILLER, Texas — A Peterson County woman was arrested on felony charges after allegedly posting to social media that her son was being arrested and that her husband had threatened her, authorities said.

Peterson Police Lt.

Mike Miller said Wednesday that the family of 24-year-old Marcellus Peterson, who was booked into the Millers’ Millers Law Office on a felony count of child endangerment after the child allegedly posted a threatening video, posted a statement to social outlets saying they were very upset.

Petersen Police said a neighbor called them after Peterson posted on Facebook on Tuesday that she was on her way to pick up her son from school when she was stopped by a Millers police officer.

Peterson, 24, told the officer that her 15-year old son was “trying to get into my house and he said that he wanted to see me,” according to the police report.

The Millers said they called Peterson police on Tuesday to report that Peterson had been posting on Facebook about their son and said that she and her husband threatened to harm their son.

When they arrived at the Miller’s home, the Milliners said, Peterson’s son, who they did not identify, told them that she had posted a video of her son that she said had been filmed inside her home.

The Millers were told that Peterson was a “petite woman,” but that she could be anywhere with a weapon.

When officers arrived, the officers said they found Peterson holding a weapon, the report said.

The officers said that Peterson threatened to kill them and her son, according to court records.

Petrettes mother, 29-year.

Heather Peterson, and her two children, 11 and 12, were arrested Wednesday on the same charges.

They were booked into Millers County Jail.

Petterson’s arrest comes on the heels of another case involving a Peterson man.

On Oct. 28, police in Peterson arrested 25-year ave.

of John Peterson for allegedly trying to sexually assault a woman, according the Peterson Police Department.

PetERSON, Texas �s first case of child abuse has come to light, and the man is being held in custody on a warrant for a felony child endanger.

Police said on Oct. 27, Peterson�s wife, Heather Peterson , and two children were arrested for allegedly posting a video online that appeared to show a child in a bedroom being sexually assaulted.

The video showed the children being forced to perform oral sex on a man who is not the child�s father.

Petrey�s son was one of the children, but the other children did not appear to be the victim of sexual abuse, the police said.

The video, however, was posted to YouTube.

Peters� family posted a note to social networks saying that Heather Peterson was the perpetrator, and that Heather and her boyfriend threatened to burn down their home and destroy their home if they did anything to stop Heather and John.Petrians� husband was charged with child endangerement.

The arrest warrant for Heather Peterson states that she is a former foster child and that she abused her foster child by providing alcohol to the child.

The child had severe developmental disabilities and severe behavioral problems, according police.

Petters� husband told police that Heather�s boyfriend threatened him and her children, according a police report, but Heather said she did not do anything to the children.

Petresons son was released from the Millerville Detention Center on Thursday after posting $20,000 bond.

Petrea, the family�s lawyer, said she was unaware of the charge against her client.

The couple had recently moved into the Petresons� home and Heather Peterson has been working as a caregiver for the family, the lawyer said.


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