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What is the De Bruyckes law office?

What is the De Bruyckes law office?

De Bruyer Law Offices, a Delaware law firm, is a law firm that specializes in handling property tax disputes, according to the firm’s website. 

The firm is best known for its work in the United States, where it has represented landlords and real estate developers in the past, but it has also been active in other countries, including India and Canada, as well as in Europe, according the firm. 

De Bruyces law offices in Delaware and elsewhere offer representation to landlords and developers, according a listing on the firm website.

De Bruys law offices have also represented property owners who have been sued by the federal government for allegedly violating the Debs Fair Housing Act. 

“In the course of representing landlords and property owners, our law firm has successfully litigated more than 1,400 property tax cases involving more than $2 billion in real estate value, as required by the DeBruyces Fair Housing act,” the listing states. 

A listing on De Bruyeres website notes that the firm has a history of success.

In 2017, the firm won a $1.8 million judgment in the first of its two federal class action cases on behalf of a former owner of a house in Wilmington. 

In 2017, De BruYces law office represented the owner of the former property of the Delaware Center City Hotel and Conference Center. 

 DeBruys law office has also represented homeowners and homeowners’ groups in cases involving property owners in Delaware. 

It has represented clients in property taxation disputes for more than two decades.


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