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New law aims to give legal protections to the homeless

New law aims to give legal protections to the homeless

New laws in Texas are aimed at protecting homeless people who are vulnerable to eviction or who are in danger of eviction due to mental illness.

State Senator John Whitmire introduced the bill in response to a 2016 law that prohibited homeless people from being evicted.

It was introduced in response a state report that found that homeless people are disproportionately evicted from the city of Dallas, and in Austin, the study found that more than 40 percent of homeless people living in public housing were evicted during the previous 12 months.

The Texas bill will help to ensure that the people who need assistance in these difficult circumstances can get it, Whitmire said.

The bill also includes provisions to address people’s rights and the rights of others who are homeless.

It’s also aimed at giving people access to legal services.

The legislation says a homeless person who has been homeless for more than one year may apply for services that could be granted under existing laws, Whitire said.

The bill also gives a homeless individual the right to access emergency shelter, but it’s not clear how long the person could stay in that shelter.

It will help provide additional mental health care services to the state’s homeless population, Whitmis said.

It will provide a homeless shelter and will make it easier for people to access mental health services, he said.

The legislation does not specify how long a homeless homeless person would be able to stay in the shelter.

The bill is now on the House floor for consideration, according to House Speaker Steve Webber.

The governor has not said whether he will sign the bill.

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