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The best and worst of the Trump administration’s police shootings

The best and worst of the Trump administration’s police shootings

Law enforcement officers are still getting shot.

Some are being treated for non-life threatening injuries.

But most of the time, the police shootings are tragic, and often tragic for the officer and the communities they serve.

As we move through the Trump era, let’s take a look at how many people died at the hands of police.1.

The first time a cop shoots a person The deadliest day of Trump’s first year came on March 1, 2018, when three officers shot and killed Walter Scott, an unarmed black man, while he was in a car in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The day before, a man who looked like Walter Scott was shot and seriously injured in Chicago.

A third officer was also shot in Florida.

That officer, Michael Brelo, was later acquitted of all charges.2.

The deadliest month of Trump Trump’s presidency was January through March, with 538 people killed by police, according to a report released by the Guardian.

The FBI and local police departments say that the police are using excessive force, and the Department of Justice has released a series of reports about the deadly policing.

Three months after the deadliest month, in February 2018, there were 523 people killed and nearly 900 injured.

That was the deadliest year for police in US history, according the Guardian report.3.

The second deadliest month The second month of the first year was January 2018.

There were 515 people killed, according a report from the Washington Post.

That is a record for police shootings, according and the deadliest in American history.4.

The third deadliest month In the third month of 2017, there was an average of 14.4 police shootings per day, according an analysis by the ACLU of police shootings from January through February.5.

The fourth deadliest month On January 6, 2017, Michael Brown, an African-American man, was shot dead by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, while fleeing a robbery at gunpoint.

The shooting sparked nationwide protests and protests that led to the resignation of Missouri Gov.

Jay Nixon.

The following day, a gunman opened fire on a church in Charleston, South Carolina, killing nine people and injuring nine others.

A gunman killed nine more people, including two police officers, on January 11.

In the days that followed, President Trump condemned the shooting, calling it “disgraceful.”6.

The fifth deadliest month Trump’s policies on policing have worsened in recent years.

Police have been disproportionately targeting minorities, people of color, the poor, and young people, according that analysis from the ACLU.

Trump’s support for policies like the death penalty, his refusal to address the issue of police brutality and his efforts to curtail funding for civil rights organizations have led to widespread protests, including the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Guardian reported that in February, Trump’s administration spent $11.7 million to pay for a new FBI training facility in Florida, a city that was rocked by protests.7.

The sixth deadliest month Police officers have been shot nearly 7,000 times since January 1, according ToThePoint.org, a website that tracks police shootings.

The average police officer has been shot at least five times in the past month.

Police shootings by other officers have also increased in recent months.

In March, two officers were killed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and a third in Chicago, and in April, one officer was killed and three others were wounded in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Eight people were shot and wounded in New York City in April.8.

The seventh deadliest month Three days after the death of Walter Scott in Charlotte in 2017, a white man was killed by a black police officer during a traffic stop in Minnesota.

Police initially said the suspect had a history of drug use, but it was later revealed that the man was unarmed and had not been previously detained by police.

The man was not arrested and he was shot by a plainclothes officer who was responding to a call about a suspicious person.

He was later identified as 26-year-old Jamar Clark.9.

The eighth deadliest month This month, an officer in Chicago shot and injured two men, one of whom died, after the officer pulled them over.

The officer, Eddie Johnson, was placed on administrative leave after a video of the shooting went viral.

Johnson is facing charges of manslaughter and unlawful use of a weapon.10.

The ninth deadliest month An officer in Florida shot and critically wounded a man on Friday.

Police say that officer, Brian Mateen, had an “alarming” relationship with the man and the two were involved in a dispute that was captured on video.

Authorities said Mateen had called 911 and “threatened to kill the man’s pregnant wife.”

He then shot and fatally shot the man in the chest.

Eleven other people were wounded.11.

The tenth deadliest month A Florida woman, Brittany Maynard, was killed in a shooting at her home.

Authorities say that a man fired at her and she was shot


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