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MBA Law Office Gets $10K From Google for TechCrunch

MBA Law Office Gets $10K From Google for TechCrunch

TechCrunch is reporting that MBA is being paid a $10,000 grant by Google to work with them on a product.

The announcement was made by Google executive Sundar Pichai, who said that the company has hired MBA’s legal team to help with legal advice. 

The company is looking to use Google’s cloud services for the work, and Google’s patent office has already received licenses for the technology.

Google already offers a tool called Google Cloud Legal Assistant that will help you get patent licenses for Google services.

This could be an important tool for the tech industry to learn from.

Google Cloud legal assistant is currently free for Android users, but Google is planning to offer a more premium option for the next version of its Android operating system.

This is where Google’s partnership with MBA comes into play.

Google wants to work on patent applications that are the subject of ongoing legal disputes between companies. 

Google Cloud Legal assistant allows users to file patent applications, and they can also find other legal information on patent issues.

Google also plans to give the tech community a better understanding of the patent law surrounding software patents.

This partnership could be a big boon for tech companies, who would gain access to a valuable tool for dealing with legal disputes.


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