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SAGE law offices will be closed on Christmas Day

SAGE law offices will be closed on Christmas Day

AUSTRALIAN FEDERAL COURT has given sage law office owners more time to appeal against the Commonwealth’s decision to close the offices of the federal government and two other state-owned law offices on Christmas Eve.

Sage law offices are one of the largest in the country.

The decision was made by the Federal Court on Friday night after a week of protracted legal wrangling.

The court will now make a decision on whether to grant an extension to the deadline to appeal from the closure of the law offices.

The Commonwealth Government’s decision on Thursday to close three of the nation’s most venerable law offices was not the only major setback for the state-run bodies in the run-up to Christmas.

Sidney Smith, the state’s acting chief executive, was forced to take the stand at a hearing into a dispute over the State and Territory governments’ refusal to release documents about its handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Smith had said the documents were important to protect public confidence in the coronavalvirus response and had been requested by the state and territory governments.

The Commonwealth and the State governments both said they would not release the information, which included information about the coronavia vaccine.

The state’s solicitor general argued that the documents did not belong in the public domain.

The Supreme Court ruled in December that they did, and the court’s decisions have allowed the state to continue to retain them.

In a statement on Thursday, the Commonwealth Government said the Commonwealth government would not “disclose” the information in the court proceedings.

“The Commonwealth is committed to transparency and to the integrity of the court process,” the statement said.

“The court will remain open to the public and will continue to do so.”

In the course of the next couple of weeks, the court will consider the information that is the subject of the Commonwealths appeal.

“We are determined to make sure that all stakeholders have access to information that should be made available to them.”

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