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Sweeney law offices are closing due to a $1.2M lawsuit

Sweeney law offices are closing due to a $1.2M lawsuit

Brown law offices in Worcester, Mass., are closing on Tuesday due to $1,2 million in damages stemming from a class action lawsuit alleging Brown’s former general counsel violated ethics laws.

Brown said it’s possible that more lawsuits will be filed.

The firm, which represents more than 800 law firms in Massachusetts, has been sued over its conduct as Brown attorney general.

The class action, filed in November 2016, alleges Brown’s actions violated state ethics laws by improperly influencing the outcome of criminal trials and improperly seeking to influence decisions by the Supreme Court.

Brown has denied the claims.

The firm also has filed motions to dismiss lawsuits from former Brown attorney David Rutter and others.

Brown’s office also has been embroiled in several other legal matters, including a lawsuit filed by the family of a Boston firefighter who was killed while on duty.

The family of Matthew Lassiter, a Boston police officer who died in 2015, filed a $100 million lawsuit last month against Brown and other state and local officials, alleging Brown, former state police chief William Ruckelshaus and other officials conspired to cover up the officer’s death.


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