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When a star goes down, the spotlight will be on a lawyer who’s ready to take the spotlight

When a star goes down, the spotlight will be on a lawyer who’s ready to take the spotlight


— As the world’s media prepares to see the NFL’s season opener on Friday night, a prominent Wisconsin lawyer is on the scene to help.

Fletcher Law Office, in the downtown Milwaukee suburb of Fletcher, has offices in both Chicago and Washington, D.C., and the office of former U.S. Attorney and current NFL Executive Vice President Mike Lombardi is also in the region.

It’s an impressive array of talent, said Aaron Soto, a spokesman for the Fletcher law office.

Soto said it’s a testament to the strong community relations and relationships between the office and the NFL, which has an office in the area and has been in Fletcher for more than 30 years.

The NFL has been very responsive and has provided many of our staff members, Soto said.

The NFL has made it clear that this is a public forum for the community to come together to help us as we go forward with the season opener and the rest of the offseason.

Sierra Prentiss, who was chief of staff for former Wisconsin Gov.

Mike Nutter, said she was impressed with the response from the NFL and the community.

She said she hopes the community can get involved in some way and help us make sure the fans feel comfortable and welcome.

Prentiss said the NFL has also been very welcoming.

She praised former NFL player Mike Tyson, who also serves as a Fletcher attorney.

The star defensive end was arrested in 2010 for felony sexual assault after a woman accused him of forcing himself on her at a restaurant.


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