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How to get a law office from an employer without paying an exorbitant rent

How to get a law office from an employer without paying an exorbitant rent

The law office of Stewart Law Office, in San Francisco, California, is a rental. 

The office rents its office space out for a fee. 

Stewart, an internet marketing company, has had a legal practice in the Bay Area since 2009. 

Its offices are in San Mateo and Fremont, which are in the San Francisco suburbs. 

It was proud to announce that this office was the first to be renovated to include a dedicated tenant, Stewart Law, in a move that will give tenants the peace of mind of knowing that the property is safe, clean and secure. 

Stuart Law is owned by a group of California residents that has a law practice in San Jose. 

A former lawyer at the San Jose law firm Moffatt, Weitzman and Moore, Stuart Law was troubled by the rise in the cost of living in San José and in January of 2019, the company announced it was relocating to San Francisco. 

“We are excited to announce a major new investment by Stewart Law in the Bay Area,” said John Moffatt, President of StewartLaw, said in a statement. 

In the announcement, Moffatt said, “The Stewart Law office has become a tenant of the new San Jose office.

The new location will provide our customers and partners with a superior legal environment and will be an ideal location for the Stewart Law law office to serve the community of San Jose and beyond.” 

The law office was one of the first tenants to move to the new office and will also be able to rent out space on the building to new tenants. 

There are no rental fees associated with this move. 

New Yorkers who live in the area can get their own office at StewardLawOffice.com. 

This is the first of many Stewart Law moves. 

 Stewarts move was announced at the State of the Law conference in San Antonio, Texas. 

While StewartLaw.com does not allow you to rent an office space from an employer, they have posted a rental offer on their social media channels that requires a $500 per month rent deposit. 

(See below.) 

The offer was posted by Michele Cavanaugh, Stewards CEO and President, at The Office of the President. 

Maurice Hirsch, a former Stewart Law lawyer, wrote in an email to StewartLawInsider that “Stewart Law will be the first tenant in the new office to be moved to the San Jose area. 

We are pleased that we will be able to offer the most comfortable working environment to our employees and their clients.” 

StewertLawInsiders contacts: Stu [email protected], @michele_cavanaugh,  StewuartLawLawOffice, 415-859-3311


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