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What you need to know about the new peterson trial

What you need to know about the new peterson trial

The new Peterson trial is finally underway, and it looks like the case is getting off to a rocky start.

First off, the defense is seeking to keep a list of people who have been charged with crimes in the trial, which could prove to be a tough sell for the judge. 

The trial has already become a lightning rod for controversy, with the prosecutor accusing Peterson of being a serial rapist and an “entirely fabricated, totally concocted” story. 

But it’s not just the prosecutors who are taking shots at Peterson.

A handful of prominent conservative voices have come out against Peterson, too. 

According to The Blaze, Peterson was charged with rape after an encounter at a local bar with a group of men.

The women who filed the complaint alleged that Peterson grabbed their crotch, groped their breasts, and kissed them on the lips. 

“Peterson has been charged, but the charges are false and completely fabricated,” said former Louisiana Supreme Court Justice John Gorman, who said that he and other former prosecutors in his position were told not to pursue the case. 

Another prominent conservative voice, The New York Times’ Jonathan Chait, has also called out the charges, tweeting that they “are based on a complete fabrication and utterly ridiculous.” 

Petersons lawyers have repeatedly declined to comment on the allegations.

They have also refused to make the list available for scrutiny, instead citing the “security concerns” of the case, and have argued that the charges against Petersons family would have been “stigmatizing” and “disproportionate” to the alleged crime. 

What you need do to know…


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