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Why are Irish lawyers working so hard to help save the Irish shipwreck law?

Why are Irish lawyers working so hard to help save the Irish shipwreck law?

As part of the Irish Government’s $1bn ‘shipwreck relief’ package, the Department of Justice has announced that Irish law offices will receive $5m over four years from the Irish government to assist them with legal advice, legal assistance and training.

The law offices of the Cooney and Cooney law firms will be assisted by the National Offshore Law Institute and the Department for Justice.

The law offices in Cooney are currently in receivership and have received almost €6m in payments from the Government.

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills ( BIS ), which is responsible for the law office program, said that the funds would help address the legal costs associated with the “historic and unprecedented” loss of life on the Irish coasts.

“The Irish Government has announced the funding of $5 million over four to five years to support the Irish law office programme to assist law firms with legal aid and legal assistance,” the BIS said in a statement.

“This is an example of the Government working with law firms and lawyers to address the unique legal issues surrounding the historic and unprecedented loss of human life on Irish shores, as well as the unique challenges facing Irish law and justice in this challenging time.”

The Irish Law Society (ILS) has said that it would support the law offices with the support of its legal aid funding.

“We welcome the announcement by the Government that law firms are being offered the support to address legal aid costs,” said ILS director, Joanne Murphy.

“With the Government’s commitment to providing financial support for the Irish legal aid scheme, we are pleased to see this support coming to the Irish Law Service.”

It is a welcome announcement that will help to provide financial support to the law firms, and is good news for law students, the legal profession and Irish citizens who are already suffering under the strain of the Brexit uncertainty.


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