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What you need to know about the AG’s pending case against Trump attorney Mark Ellsberg

What you need to know about the AG’s pending case against Trump attorney Mark Ellsberg

By Axios Staff Attorney Mark EllSberg, who has been fighting the Trump University fraud case for years, says he’s “determined to go to trial” on the president’s alleged financial fraud charges, which he says are a blatant violation of his First Amendment rights.

Ellsberg’s case against the president is set to go before a judge next week.

The judge has not yet issued a decision.

Ellisberg, a New York-based lawyer who also represents the Trump Organization, is one of several prominent lawyers who have joined a lawsuit against the Trump administration over the president and his administration.

Ellstein has been trying to use the Trump’s tax returns and other documents to show how much money he has earned from Trump University, but the president has maintained he’s not guilty of the crimes that led to his downfall.

Ellsi said Monday he was going to take the case to court to get his clients back their money, including money from Trump’s charitable foundation.

Ellsisberg has previously defended Trump against the AG, saying that he’s entitled to due process rights under the First Amendment, even if he didn’t know about Trump’s financial scams.

Trump has maintained that he didn.

Ellipsberg says he wants to go after the President as a criminal defendant, and he plans to use that legal argument to force the President to produce the tax returns, as well as other records, from the IRS.

The judge in the case has not publicly announced her decision, but she has issued a statement calling for an investigation of Trump and his campaign to determine if the president broke any laws.

Ellisesberg is seeking to hold Trump accountable for his “unlawful conduct” that “caused the loss of millions of dollars,” and “violated the trust that had been placed in him as a public servant,” according to his brief.

Ellesberg says that “the President’s conduct and the subsequent criminal prosecution of this case should cause all Americans to be outraged and to join together in the fight to hold the Trump Administration accountable for its unlawful conduct and disregard for the rule of law.”

Ellsberger, who is a partner at the law firm Wachtell, Lipton & Rosen, says that he believes he has a strong case, and that the AG is “trying to use her office to punish the President and his family for their political crimes.”

Ellipsberger is seeking damages and unspecified damages for Trump and for the Trump Foundation, as part of his $1.5 billion lawsuit against Trump and the White House.

The suit says that Trump is “allegedly the victim of a fraud that caused the loss, harm, and damage to his reputation and reputation of millions.”


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