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Law firm internships to increase for 2018

Law firm internships to increase for 2018

Riley Law Offices, the firm founded by former President and CEO of the ABC Family Network Scott Blender, has announced internships that will increase for the upcoming academic year.

Blender announced the new internship opportunities at his law office on Wednesday, August 3, at 5:00pm EDT.

The law firm is offering its first-ever Law Internship in the fall, in the United States, where it will be offered from September 17 through September 26.

The internship will allow students to work on the case of a student facing a felony charge of sexual assault, the law firm said in a press release.

It will be an opportunity to work with a faculty member, mentor and community member to help students overcome trauma and develop strategies to stay safe and out of harm’s way.

Blenders attorney, Scott C. Jackson, said that the internship is part of a broader initiative called the Riley Law Office Internship Program, which will bring law firms closer to their clients.

Jackson said that law firms are working to help their students overcome challenges and overcome barriers that are holding them back.

He said that, although he was not a part of the initial announcement, he hopes to continue working with the firm and other law firms to expand the internship program.

According to the firm, the internship will focus on the process of challenging and developing strategies for the protection of the campus community.

Students will learn about student life, law enforcement, court process, and how to safely respond to criminal and non-criminal complaints.

Lawyers will learn more about legal aid, how to get and access benefits, and ways to work collaboratively in a crisis.

They will learn how to build rapport with clients and staff and to connect with their communities and learn how law schools can be a source of hope and healing in difficult times.

The internship will be designed to offer an opportunity for students to gain experience and learn about the practice of law.

In an email, the Riley law office said that it plans to host additional internships in the coming months.

Jackson added that the firm would be open to additional opportunities to host an internship in the future.


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