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Former CBI director says he will be in Mumbai to support PM Modi

Former CBI director says he will be in Mumbai to support PM Modi

The former CBI director and a former minister of state for home will meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government on Friday to discuss a range of issues.

Mr Modi, who has been in a daze for weeks after a stroke left him unable to walk and had been hospitalised twice, will be meeting with several senior leaders of his party.

The meeting comes after Mr Modi promised to set up an emergency fund for people affected by the virus.

Mr Bennett, who was in charge of the CBI, has been vocal in his criticism of the Indian government over the coronavirus outbreak, accusing it of making poor decisions.

He is also known to have been critical of the government’s response to the pandemic, saying that it did not act decisively enough and that the government was too lax with the use of antibiotics.

Mr Netanyahu is expected to have the two ministers of state meet on Friday and the Prime Minister will also be present.

Mr Amit Shah, the foreign minister, is also expected to meet with Mr Bennett, Mr Bennett’s office said.

Mr Shah is expected also to discuss the coronovirus and the economic situation, which he said was “shattered” by the pandemics.

Mr Israel, who will be visiting the country for the first time, has expressed concern over the outbreak.

Mr Nitin Gadkari, the deputy prime minister, and the opposition leader, Kamal Nath, have also been visiting the stricken country, while Mr Modi is expected visit a hospital in Mumbai.


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