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When NFL’s Wirth sued, Wirth’s lawyers say he wasn’t fired

When NFL’s Wirth sued, Wirth’s lawyers say he wasn’t fired

The NFL Players Association is trying to get a new trial for former Seattle defensive end Brandon Wirth, who was fired from the league after pleading no contest in July to a charge of assault and battery against former teammate Justin Smith.

Wirth is facing four felony charges in connection with the incident in July that occurred in the parking lot of a restaurant in Seattle.

The charges stem from an incident in which Wirth allegedly punched Smith in the head while Smith was attempting to restrain him in the restroom of the restaurant.

The NFLPA’s lawsuit alleges that Wirth was fired after he pleaded no contest to a felony charge of assaulting and battery.

Wirth is appealing the dismissal.

The league is appealing Wirths dismissal.

In its lawsuit, the NFLPA alleges that it was not properly informed that the charges Wirth pleaded no to were misdemeanors, but were felonies that had been previously dismissed.

The union alleges that the league’s refusal to allow Wirth to have a new hearing and the fact that he did not get a hearing at his original trial, which was scheduled to take place in February, “prevent[d] him from being able to receive proper representation from counsel, including legal representation from an attorney of his choice.”

The union is asking for a new sentencing hearing and for the NFL to change the disciplinary process so that Wires’ attorneys are not able to have the opportunity to represent him during his new trial.

The league has yet to make any comment on the case.


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