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What the public can expect from Duffy trial

What the public can expect from Duffy trial

A new trial for former Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been announced by the courts.

It is expected to last until late February, when a new trial date is set for a new defence lawyer.

But what can we expect from the Duffy trial?

What we know: The trial was scheduled to begin on Monday.

It will be followed by a second trial in March.

The trial has been postponed for almost two months.

Duffy, of Moncton, New Brunswick, faces four charges: breach of trust, bribery, breach of confidence and breach of privilege.

He is accused of using a private email account to conduct official business in order to win an election, with the intention of influencing the conduct of a federal judge.

The trial is expected finish by the end of February, with a final decision to be handed down on March 6.

Read more: Canadians expect to get a new Prime Minister in 2019: poll article Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Harper are expected to attend the Duffy case in person, and the trial is also expected to go ahead as planned.

This is the second trial for Harper, who was found not guilty of all the charges against him in October 2016.

The prime minister is also facing a charge of failing to comply with the Official Secrets Act in relation to the 2012 RCMP investigation into allegations of sexual harassment by then-prime minister Stephen Harper.


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