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How to make money in the real estate business

How to make money in the real estate business

Real estate agent Johnnie Keating has been making more money than ever, according to an article by Financial Post.

He’s made more money since March of this year than he did from March through September of last year.

Keating, who has been with the Real Estate Agents Association of Southern California for more than two decades, is a big-name agent who has also been in the industry for a while.

Keaters latest book, The Landlord and Tenant, which was released last week, is the third book in a series by the veteran agent.

The first two books were “A Real Estate Investor’s Guide” and “How to Land Your First Home.”

Now, the third edition of “The Landlord & Tenant” is coming out this month.

The book, Keating says, was not intended to be an investment book.

It was meant to be a way to teach the readers of the book how to manage their real estate portfolios, according the book’s publisher, The Real Estate Association of South California.

Keates books are sold exclusively through his website.

His book is a “great primer” for anyone who wants to learn more about real estate, Keats says.

In addition to being a book for the realtor, it’s also a great book for any real estate investor.

Keats book includes a section on how to maximize the value of your property and “sell it to a real estate agent.”

Keating said he doesn’t have a fixed fee for the books and that he just makes what he needs.

“It’s my passion,” he said.

Real estate agents are making more than ever Now that he’s been making his money, Keates is now able to spend more time with his family and is making more friends than ever.

Keattles wife of 10 years is in the midst of an illness and the couple has two kids, ages 6 and 4.

But the money they’ve made is not the same as it used to be.

In April, Keattleys youngest son, Jordan, was diagnosed with a brain tumor and will require surgery.

He is currently in the ICU.

Keatys son, Logan, is battling an aggressive form of leukemia.

And he recently had a tumor removed from his right knee.

Keatts book is part of his new venture with the realtors association, The Realty Alliance, which is seeking to raise $50,000 to buy and renovate a vacant building in Santa Clarita, California.

“This is a good way to put together a new building, so we can bring in new realtives, and hopefully get a new office,” Keatt’s agent said.

The realtive group has had a few successes recently.

The group has bought a second house in Santa Barbara, and has already received more than $100,000 in donations from people like Ken Norton, who is a realtor in Santa Cruz.

Norton, a longtime Santa Claritas realtor who has served on the board of the Santa Clarites Real Estate Council, said that the group has received more donations than it ever has.

He also said that Keatts book has helped them to build relationships with realtivists in the area.

Realtives are not just brokers, Keatts said.

He said they are also helping realtists build their careers, too.

“I think it’s great to be able to help them build their career and be able see a career path for themselves,” Keatts says.

Keater also wants to help other agents make money as well.

“We need realtresses and realtiverrs to be more aware of what the law is and what is required for us to be doing our jobs,” Keating stated.

Keately has been the president of the Realestate Association of Los Angeles since September of 2017.

He has also served on various boards and committees of the association.

The Real estate association is currently working on a resolution to address some of the problems Keatings book describes.

But Keating and other realtress groups are concerned about how to handle the increasing popularity of the “candy” realtressing industry.

The industry, they say, is very competitive, and they are seeing many agents go out of business because of a lack of enforcement.

“The realtist industry has a lot of competition and it is going to continue to be competitive,” said Keating.

He says that the realty industry has been in a very bad financial state for the last couple of years, and the law has been slow to catch up.

Keate is not worried that he is going away.

He plans to stay active in the profession.

“When you’re a realtivist, you’re always looking for opportunities,” he says.

“But I think that when people see a realty agent like myself they will know that they can get a job that they want.”

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