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Why Watson could win in Alabama and Florida.

Why Watson could win in Alabama and Florida.

The biggest story of the day was Watson’s unexpected victory in Alabama, which gave him the most Electoral College votes of any Republican candidate since 1992.

Watson’s narrow loss in Florida gave him an Electoral College majority of about 837 votes, the smallest margin of victory in a contested election since the 1800s.

Alabama was a state that President Donald Trump carried by about 11 points in November, but the election will come down to the number of votes Watson gets on Election Day.

If he wins the Electoral College by more than 437 votes — the magic number of 270 votes needed to win the White House — then Trump would have to lose by about 7.8 million votes to win, according to FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver.

But Trump is not even a quarter of the way there yet.

He still has a majority of electoral votes, which means he would have a two-thirds chance of winning.

The winner of the Alabama and the Florida elections will go to the national popular vote in November.

But Alabama will also be important to the Republican Party because it is the most populous state, with about 18 million people.

The GOP has a significant majority in the House and the Senate, and the state is the gateway to the South.

The state is a battleground state for Democrats, and Democrats have been running up big margins there in the past.

This is a state with a lot of white voters, and so the party has to make sure it wins those voters and is competitive in the South as well.

The Electoral College is a special branch of government, and it has traditionally been Democratic-leaning.

But the party is now also in a position to gain control of the Senate in 2018, and that would give it a significant amount of control over both chambers of Congress.

Republicans will need to be extremely careful about how they approach the 2018 elections.

The Senate is going to be the last piece of the Republican puzzle.

If they don’t change direction in 2018 and they can’t win in 2018 on their own, they’re going to have to run a full-blown campaign to try to get reelected.

But if the Republican Congress doesn’t take the reins of the House, it could cause serious trouble in 2018.

Republicans would have the ability to repeal President Obama’s Affordable Care Act if they wanted to.

The Affordable Care Care Act is a law that allows people to keep their health insurance, and if they get sick or become disabled they can receive a subsidy to pay for care.

But some Republicans, such as Sen. Lindsey Graham, have been pushing for repeal of the law.

Trump campaigned on a promise to repeal and replace Obamacare, and Republicans will probably be the ones who end up taking the blame for that.

If Republicans don’t want to make the difficult decision of whether to repeal the Affordable Care Law or keep it, then they need to make a decision soon.

The election is still more than a month away.


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