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Why the Supreme Court is being called a “pigsty”

The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn a lower court’s decision not to uphold a transgender bathroom rule has put the U.S. on the verge of an unprecedented political backlash.

The Trump administration is scrambling to respond to the court’s ruling, with a raft of proposals that could lead to a constitutional showdown.

Here’s what you need to know about how it could affect you.


Transgender bathrooms can’t be “sanctioned” in the future: This is a very important point to make.

It is very difficult to argue that the Constitution guarantees that transgender people should be allowed to use bathrooms that correspond to their gender identity.

The Supreme House of Representatives has already rejected the Obama administration’s attempts to enact such a measure.

But that doesn’t mean that transgender rights advocates are out of the woods.

In fact, they’re hoping that this ruling will lead to some more court victories for transgender people.


Trump administration can’t legally bar transgender people from the bathroom: This argument is extremely misleading.

The Constitution is clear that a law cannot bar a public accommodation from providing services to the public in accordance with its own policy.

But there are ways for a government agency to legally bar an individual from using a public bathroom based on a public policy that it deems discriminatory.

The court, for instance, has ruled that an employer may not refuse to hire someone based on gender identity, and the Trump administration could theoretically challenge this in court.


Trump could try to sue the Supreme court over the Supreme House’s rejection of the transgender bathroom law: The Supreme Senate has already passed a resolution calling for Trump to sue over the court ruling.

The resolution has the support of more than a third of Senate Republicans, and is likely to make it into the full Senate.

Trump is also likely to use this as a political tool to attack the court, which he has called a swamp and a “hoax.”


Trump and Senate Republicans can’t simply ignore this ruling and hope it never comes to light: This idea is not new.

Trump has repeatedly said that the court will not hear his challenge to the Obama bathroom rule because it would violate the “spirit” of the Supreme law.

He has also said that if the court doesn’t overturn the ruling, he would sue the court.

So the idea that this case will simply be ignored is simply not true.

The U.K.’s Supreme Court has already ruled that trans people have a legal right to use the bathroom that matches their gender identities, and there are a number of other court cases that have already addressed this issue.

It’s highly unlikely that Trump will attempt to take advantage of this case to try to invalidate transgender people’s access to bathrooms, as he has previously done.


Trump may have to sue to protect the Obama rule: If the Supreme Supreme Court doesn’t rule against Trump’s bathroom claim, this ruling could become a precedent that makes it extremely difficult for him to take away transgender rights.

If the court does decide to take down Trump’s executive order, the court could make it difficult for the president to sue it and to block the Supreme government from enforcing the transgender rule.

Trump’s administration could also be forced to defend the ruling in court, as it did in the case of North Carolina’s bathroom law.


This ruling is likely a sign of things to come: If this ruling leads to a new court case, it could set a precedent for other transgender people in the U: As we’ve written before, the Supreme Senate could vote to overturn the transgender policy and force Trump to use his constitutional authority to rescind the order.

This could set up a precedent where other states could try and challenge the transgender decision in the Supreme courts, too.

In a way, the Trump transgender policy has become a template for future court cases in other areas, too, and it’s likely that this Supreme Court decision will become a major turning point in that process.


Trump will likely try to challenge the Supreme order: The Trump transition team did not respond to a request for comment.

But the Trump White House could use this ruling as an opportunity to appeal to other courts, like the U’th Circuit Court of Appeals.


This decision could have profound consequences for transgender rights in the United States: As a candidate, Trump promised that he would repeal this transgender policy, and his administration has so far shown little interest in following through on that promise.

If this Supreme court ruling stands, Trump’s trans bathroom policy could be in danger of becoming permanent law.

This is bad news for trans people in America, who face many barriers to obtaining public accommodations based on their gender, including the inability to use restrooms in schools, churches, and other facilities that match their gender expression.

This legal threat could mean that trans folks could find themselves living in fear of their safety and well-being.


Trans people may face backlash from families, businesses, and government agencies: This ruling could lead transgender people to


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