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How to get your Google News search result back if you are unable to access your newsfeed

Updated May 21, 2018 11:13:10Google is facing criticism after it emerged that a number of users of the news aggregator have been unable to find out whether they have been approved for new accounts.

In a statement to the Wall Street Journal, Google said: “We’re working hard to fix this issue and we’re sorry this has happened.

If you are having issues getting access to the search results, you can check your search history to make sure you’re approved for a new account.””

If you have problems getting access, please let us know.”

It added that if you need help accessing the Google News results, it is “better to ask someone who has the same problem.”

Google’s statement came after it was revealed that several users were unable to see their search results and that Google’s search algorithm is working overtime to keep users’ newsfeeds in sync with Google’s.

“The majority of the search queries that were returned were related to our news feed.

We’re working to improve this,” Google’s Mark Nelson said.

“We know it’s a tough time for a lot of people.”

A number of other sites have also reported similar problems, including BuzzFeed, The Verge, and Mashable.

The Guardian has also reported a similar issue, with many users having problems accessing the newsfeed.

While Google is not the first news site to see users struggle with its search results due to a lack of news, the problem is more widespread.

News organisations are seeing an increase in the number of sites using their newsfeed in order to get their readers to click on links to news stories, according to the Independent.

News aggregators are increasingly looking for ways to ensure that users are able to get access to their news, with Google leading the way.

News organizations including BuzzFeed and The Verge have reported that their search engine has been working overtime, with users reporting that their results have been filtered down.

“We’re seeing a spike in the search traffic that is coming from sites that have no news.

This is happening to us all the time,” BuzzFeed’s head of news editorial Chris Chabot told the Telegraph.

“I’ve got an email from a reader who’s got a news story that she’s seen a lot, but it hasn’t been indexed.

It’s filtered down.”

BuzzFeed and The Guardian have reported similar issues.

The issue comes after Google said that many users were being blocked from their news feed by the company, including those with “no news” search results.

“It’s frustrating to see some people who have no interest in reading our stories, or who just don’t have the time or resources to find them, getting blocked,” Google said in a statement.

“For those who do have a newsfeed, we’re happy to give you a way to access the content that you’ve requested.”

The company said it was working to correct the problem.

“As soon as we discover a bug in our algorithm, we will work to fix it.

We know that this problem is widespread and we want to ensure people are able, if possible, to access all the news they want to see.”


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